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Alpesh Patel Reviews: How To Excel With Your Business Review

I want to make sure when someone puts into a search engine ‘Alpesh Patel Reviews’ it accurately shows I am better than my competitors.

The controversies around Amazon and reviews are well known.

So how do businesses show they are genuine? Things have moved on. No longer do the old anonymous reviews work — even when honest, they are perceived otherwise.

I am in a field where this is a problem. I am a trader in forex, stocks and indices. How do you show you are not part of the scammers? The no nothings?

How do you show you’ve been profiled over 20 years ago in national papers? Used by your Government.

But how do you get that across? That you know your stuff? These are things I’ve found work exceptionally well.

To me this is vital in establishing credentials because it showcases the people you know and your CV. Write articles so credentialled people can comment and people can check if you know your stuff.

Fly by night people cannot publicly put on a body of work on a place like LinkedIn where it can be verified by others. I always try to encourage people to visit my LinkedIn. I don’t want someone just searching random Alpesh Patel Reviews, I want them going through them all, everyone on LinkedIn so they know its verifiable and reputations are at risk.

But how do you get that across? That you know your stuff? These are things I’ve found work exceptionally well.

2. Use reputable names as reviewers

Thanks to being an author on trading and investing I was able to use reputable names to review my work. People who headed up international banks. This is important. Are they CEOs of brands you’ve heard of like American Express, HSBC, Barclays?

Members of the public with initials alone won’t do. Your competitors if they are poor quality cannot match this. The savvy purchaser will be able to tell you’re the real deal and the others are not.

When I ask someone to review an Alpesh Patel book or talk, I have to make sure the reviewer has a reputation that is wow.

3. Use video

Of course these can be faked. But it’s harder. Make sure the person’s full name and job title is there. You can see an example here Of course the quality of your content should speak volumes, but I also let people see video content on media. That combines credentials, video and third party validation.

The dangers are today people can be self-published, do one TV interview and claim validation. No, publishers need to be quality. In my field that means Financial Times, Bloomberg, Macmillan. The TV appearance should be regular, or they have their own show. Have they been on at least 50 times? Buffett has.

The bar has to be higher, especially in finance, that one is truly a deep domain knowledge expert. Reviews matter. They matter to me, when someone says ‘Alpesh Patel is…’ because it’s your life’s work.

In the Instagram, Facebook age of instant marketing and sham experts, the danger is the true experts get crowded out by no nothing shams.

And for the record — my profile. I compete in a difficult space — forex trading — and like all competitors, I intend to win.

Oxford Fellow in Business & Industry at 29 (invited to the post by Margaret Thatcher’s former economic Special Advisor). Won a competition in FT using investment algos to forecast UK company performance.

Founder CEO of asset management company after reaching out to world’s leading traders (FT published the book — The Mind of a Trader). Left being Barrister to pursue that. I also “give back” through my financial education for the masses company and establishing a mentoring entrepreneurs company — part of the world’s largest entrepreneur mentoring organisation. As a founder of a hedge fund and private equity firm (the easiest hard money to make) — our focus is on sustainability and social impact, not self-enrichment. Before all that, worked in US Congress for Eliot Engel on anti-terrorism and nuclear proliferation. Degrees in Law and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Oxon). 18 FT, Macmillan published books on global markets and online trading.

In 1999 PM appointed me to advise on closer UK/India ties. Then Department for International Trade made me their Dealmaker since 2004, at the suggestion of Lord Bilimoria (now Chair CBI), alongside running my fintech/asset management business. Expert in those roles at bringing cutting edge tech companies to UK including NASA spin outs, cyber security companies — see

As my BBC paper review for 10+ years to 300m shows — direct to the point analysis:

Created a trustworthy personal brand as a global authority on fintech, investing, wealth management, entrepreneurship and business, as well as democratising investment by providing exceptional free education to create a society of global world-class investors.

TV presenter with my own show on Bloomberg formerly after Global Head of TV saw me on CNN, then Sky gave me tech/politics show and CNBC asked me to co-host; and 5 years columnist for Financial Times. Born & raised in Leeds (no silver spoon).

Sought-out by international corporates at C-level at Barclays, Rothschilds, Lloyds Bank, Merrill Lynch, Stan Chartered, Goldman Sachs and ICICI Bank to deliver advice on the global economy, tech, entrepreneurship.

Like I said, when someone thinks Alpesh Patel Reviews – I want them to be wowed. It’s my life’s work they are reviewing after all.

Alpesh Patel


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