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Why the Rich are Getting Richer

How can you bridge the wealth gap? For starters you can Learn to Invest with Alpesh Patel. The US Federal Reserve, their central bank, issued some excellent data this week, published by Bloomberg. I know, I know, you’re thinking, ‘when doesn’t the US Central Bank issue amazing data, Alpesh?’

Wealth inequality

But wait. The data showed that the US’s wealth gap is getting wider between the rich and poor and that the top 20% of earners own nearly all the stocks held by US households.

Now that tells me something. Rich people buy stocks. It’s a loop. They get rich buying stocks; they buy stocks to get rich. Not me, the data. So what do poor people do? Well, three things on social media told me this.


Martin Lewis – the MoneySavingExpert (probably the most arrogant obnoxious man I’ve ever met, I mean outdid me, which takes some doing) replied to my comment on Twitter that investing is irresponsible.

He rightly wants you to cut expenses but doesn’t want you to invest. Hmmm, if you invest and get into the top 20%, you may no longer need his website; I guess you know the business that got investors into it to make him a gazillionaire – oh turns out he understands shares after all.


Some old dear said I only mentioned ‘risk’ in sentence eight, highlighting my upcoming free webinar explaining the Stock Market in under 20 minutes. Now, she actually counted the sentences. If you think it is risky investing, try taking no risks in your life and see how it works for you.


Yes, I am on it. Don’t know what it is? Don’t worry, go back to sleep. The number of numpties in their twenties (you can be in your 20s and not be a numpty – I am told) who post about trading options and getting rich on the stock market.

Now that is not investing. In fact, if you get your ideas off TikTok (other than fitness motivation for 40-somethings, which is why I am on it), you deserve to lose all your money.

Three investing lessons from social media

So three lessons from social media. First, it’s not just about cutting expenses; it is about increasing income.

Second, yes investing can be risky – doh!

Third, beware where you get your know-how.

Educate on How to Invest

I am on a mission to educate people about investing based on my Financial Times best-selling books. I’ve converted them into free videos and tutorials – bitesize, simple, and straightforward. I want to educate 1m people worldwide – so we close that wealth gap with the biggest earners. The 80% is where I am focused.

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